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October 5, 2012
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Weird stuff always seems to happen in New Holland. More often then not, it revolves around one person in particular. This person's name? Victor Frankenstein. Monster pets attack town? We all know about that one. Demons roaming the streets? He didn't cause it, but they all seemed to be after him. As were the killer sewer-monkeys. The list goes on, and no one knows why everything seems to be so interested in this one boy. Maybe there was something special about him, something different that no one else in the town seemed to have. No one knew for sure. But all this had taught Victor to always expect the unexpected. Sadly for him, the unexpected can't always be seen.
The day started off normally enough. He got up, fed Sparky, got some food for himself and made sure he had his supplies with him, then headed down the sidewalk to the school. Only abnormal thing to him was that Edgar bolted up to him as fast as he could, quite clearly in a panic. Victor jumped back in shock as Edgar skidded to a stop. "Edgar? What's wrong?" he asked, still shocked. After taking a moment to take a breath, Edgar looked up at Victor. "I… Weird girl… Said… Augh…" he groaned, taking a few more breaths as Victor got ready to just walk around him and ignore him. He didn't have time for this, and he didn't want to be late for school. "W-Weird girl… Told me to tell you… That Mr Whiskers says… You're in danger." Edgar finally managed to get the message out before flopping down on the sidewalk. Victor raised an eyebrow, kneeling down next to him. "Danger? What kind of danger?" he wondered. Edgar sort of shrugged before answering. "She just said that Mr Whiskers could sense danger… And that it was about you." He explained.
Victor thought for a second, biting his lip. He had been through a ton of danger before. He was pretty sure he could handle practically anything. So he just got up and helped Edgar back to his feet before continuing on his way. "Where're you going?" Edgar asked. "School." Victor answered simply before getting a chill up his spin and freezing, shivering a little. Edgar quickly noticed and ran to his side. "Are you ok?" he asked, sounding frantic. "I'm fine, just co-" Victor froze up again halfway through his sentence, but not willingly. His arm twitched a little before he suddenly found himself being flung into a large oak tree. Edgar jumped back, his eyes wide in shock and confusion. Victor stumbled backwards, the world spinning around him as he felt as if he was slipping away. It felt like something was tugging his being out of his body, but he couldn't exactly tell, especially with his mind going so fuzzy. He shook his head quickly, hearing a distant call from Edgar. He looked over at him, looking somewhat weakened and tired. "Edgar…?" he groaned quietly. He felt his friend start to hold him up as his knees started to shake, still yelling his name to make sure he was ok. He saw no point in answering, seeing as he was in fact not ok at all. In an instant he flung himself at the tree again, though he wasn't sure what had possessed him to do it in the first place. His eyes snapped wide open in realization. Possessed. The word rushed through his mind like a fire. But it was too late. He froze up once more before his body went into a spasm, causing Edgar to back up in a mixture of fear and confusion.
Victor clamped his eyes shut, trying to mentally fight whatever was inside him, but suddenly he felt himself completely black out as an evil laugh rang out, coming from his own body. But it most certainly was not his voice at all. It was evil, cruel, and ancient. Edgar noticed immediately, gasping in shock. "V-Victor?!" he exclaimed, quite clearly getting terrified. His eyes became wide as Victor started to float off the ground, rising up above him. The boy's now-glowing eyes opened up, his pupils gone. He laughed again at Edgar's shock. "No, not Victor." Victor – or whatever was inside of him – stated, amused at how Edgar was beginning to back away. He somehow shot a few bolts of magic at Edgar's feet, making him yelp as he jumped back even more. He quickly turned to run, only to be stopped by some invisible force. "Na, ah, ah!" the thing inside of Victor sang teasingly as Edgar floated up in front of him, squirming to run away. "You aren't going anywhere…"

"ELSAAAAAAAAAA!!!" Edgar screamed out as he ran towards the school, catching sight of her and her dog Persephone. They turned to look at him in pure confusion. "Edgar? What're you-" "I-it's Victor! Something's wrong with him!" Edgar interrupted, frantic. "What?!" Elsa exclaimed, fearful as to what could be wrong with her friend. "I… I don't know what's wrong! H-he went into some kind of spasm, now he's screaming about the afterlife and revenge and he's really, really mad!" he nearly screamed it out as he explained. Elsa gasped, quickly turning her attention to the direction that Edgar had come from. She quickly ran down the street, Persephone and Edgar following close behind.
It didn't take long to spot Victor, who was still floating above the town. As Edgar had said, he was screaming out about revenge when they came, though Elsa didn't pay much attention to what he was saying exactly. "VICTOR!" she screamed up at him. He immediately turned to face her, glaring down before shooting some of the magic bolts towards her. She quickly dodged, staring up at him in panic afterwards. He floated down so they were at least a little closer to the same height, though he still stayed in the air, glaring at her. "VICTOR. ISN'T. HERE!" he snapped in fury. Elsa took a step back, staring him in the eye even though it was hard to see him like this. "Yes, he is! I can still hear him." She exclaimed. It was true. Victor's voice was hidden under whatever was inside of him, faint and coated by the ancient, evil voice of the creature. "And I want him BACK!" Elsa finished with a shout, hitting him away. He yelped as he tumbled backwards, quickly regaining his balance and growling at her, preparing for attack. Before he could, Elsa continued in an attempt to get through to him. "C'mon, Victor! FIGHT IT!" she yelled frantically, searching her mind for a way to snap him out of the trance he was in. "Think about your parents! Think about me, and Edgar, and Weird girl! Toshiaki and Nassor, too!" her attempts weren't working very well. He seemed to slow down for a moment, but he quickly went fierce once again. Elsa bit her lip, looking around in worry. Then she saw Persephone hiding behind Edgar, and it hit her. She whipped around to Victor again in determination, praying that this would work. "VICTOR, THINK ABOUT SPARKY!" she shouted at the top of her lungs. He froze, staring at her with wide eyes. "S-Sparky…?" he repeated.
Suddenly the creature in him screeched as his body started to spasm in the air, flinging him all over the place. He clawed at his skull in agony as he flailed around, gasping before bright electricity began to emit from his body. He froze, floating a foot or two of the ground, tensed up as the electricity continued to come out of him. His still-glowing eyes were widened in fear, as if he had no idea what he was doing. Elsa quickly ran to his side, looking at him with warmth and comfort in her eyes. He turned and stared at her, his eyes still huge and in panic. They locked eyes, and after a moment he blinked, his eyes returning to normal as the electricity died away and his feet went back onto the ground. For a moment they just stood there, but soon Victor got weak in the knees and was having a hard time staying on his feet. Edgar quickly ran to his side, both him and Elsa helping their friend stand. "You alright…?" Elsa asked him, worry coating her voice. Victor only sort of nodded, as if he was unsure himself. "I-I think… I think that thing zapped most of my strength…" he admitted quietly. "… I'm sorry for-" "It wasn't your fault." Elsa assured. "Though, I'll admit… I was getting scared that you really couldn't hear me anymore." She told him.
They stared at each other for a moment, Elsa realizing how exhausted he really was. "C'mon. We need to get you home before you faint…" she explained. He nodded weakly, allowing his friend's to help him walk back home.

Alright, here's the description :meow: (THE MOVIE IS AMAZING BTW, GO SEE IT. But it is pretty sad, so... Just a warning :XD:)
So, I will most likely be writing more Frankenweenie stories in the future for you guys, so that'll be fun :la: What they'll be about? I have very few ideas, but I'm almost positive that you will see both a ParaNorman/Frankenweenie crossover and a 'Switched' story eventually. What's a 'Switched' story, you may ask? Pffffffft, I'll post the prologue later and you'll see :mwahaha: Someone already has a pic of it, but I didn't get the idea from that. I've had it for at least a month now :XD: So I guess that means that the 'Switched' story is basically guaranteed :dummy: I'll go type that up now for you guys, and as for the ParaNorman/Frankenweenie crossover... I have a few different stories for them. So I guess that's basically guaranteed, too... Pffffft, cool :XD: Oh, my mind has so many wonderful ideas right now :la:

Frankenweenie (c) Tim Burton
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I love ParaNorman and Frankenweenie and ya did a crossover. I'm in love with that story! Congratulations!
:clap: This was AMAZING! Will you be making more? 8D
JNluvaDarkspyro11 Oct 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanksies! :la: And do you mean more fanfics for Frankenweenie in general (that's a definite yes) or like more that follow after/before this one (possibly, not sure yet. Depends how many people like this one)?
I meant either one. XD I like both of the ones you've made so far. They sound fun.
JNluvaDarkspyro11 Oct 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, yay! Thanksies! :la: So yeah, it's likely that I'll continue this story, but I can't make promises about it cuz I'm not positive, and I'll definitely be making other fanfics/one-shots for it anyways so... Yeah :meow:
JNluvaDarkspyro11 Oct 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
NicktoonsSquad Oct 5, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Epicness!!! :dummy:

I still have to see Frankenweenie, I suck. :XD:
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